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Why Plan Your Space

We take advantage of cutting-edge technology to provide our clients with the most realistic image of what their plans would look like. When you work with Plan Your Space, you’re thinking ahead for a smoother build overall.

Save Money

From visualizing and implementing changes before construction, it’ll save you from costly mistakes later.

Save Time

By making your changes beforehand, you’ll drastically decrease any delays during the construction process.

Plan with Furniture

Come roll beds, couches, and other moveable furniture pieces to have a true 1 to 1 experience.

Pre-Plan Your Build

It’s 100-times easier to make adjustments on a blueprint than after it’s been built.

Our Space Planning Expertise

What would you give to see your dream home before it’s built to make sure everything is how you envisioned it? At Plan Your Space, we’re in the business of helping homeowners achieve this level of reassurance about their home building plans.
How do we do it? We’re a leading architectural showroom in Canada. In other words, we give people just like you the space, knowledge, and insights needed to gain a clearer picture of how their plans would be built in real life – all before you begin digging at site. Pretty cool, eh?

Avoid costly mistakes by space planning early

​​No project is too big or small for us, we’ve done space planning sessions from cafe’s as small as 400 square feet to mega homes that are over 15,000 square feet! Have a project in mind? Reach out to us now.
Building a custom home and aspiring for perfection can definitely be overwhelming. For many families, you only build your “forever home” once, making it that much more important to make sure it’s done right for your family. This is where space planning takes center stage, as it is the most crucial step in achieving your dream home. Through a life-size scale of your plan, you’ll have the opportunity to make adjustments that elevate your entire home from great to truly perfect.
From medical clinics to restaurants and everything in between, we do them all! We collaborate with forward-thinking design professionals, business owners, and government organizations to innovate the way buildings are designed. Our pioneering integrated projection technology brings your designs to life, allowing you to walk through each room, rearrange furniture, and focus on essential aspects like space, flow, and interconnectivity.
Developers seek cost-effective solutions for presale centers that provide realtors and their clients with an exceptional experience. Our studio offers a creative option: you can reserve it for the weekend and transform it into a dynamic presale center. Using projection technology, we display your project’s floorplans on the ground to scale. Families can then explore their future condos and townhomes in life-size, helping them determine if the space is a perfect fit for their needs.

What Our Clients Say

Don’t take our word for it, see what other people are saying about us…
“The service truly allows you to envision how your home will seamlessly integrate into your daily life and cater to your family's needs. We were able to implement significant changes during this planning phase that would have been costly and headache-inducing if made during the actual construction.”
Simmy N
“Plan your space played a vital role to building our custom home, cannot recommend this place enough!
Prior to coming, there were many uncertainties we had for our floor plan because it’s hard to visualize in a limited space. When we physically walk through the plan and move things around, it’s a lot easier to make final calls on decisions. On the floor, there were multiple items you can move around from walls to countertops, even toilets.”
Kimi Kao
My family and I found this service to be very useful while planning our dream home. Walking through our architectural plan at a 1:1 ratio helped us optimize our space and avoid pitfalls. I was also very impressed by the customer service provided by Manny and his team. I would highly recommend visiting Plan Your Space for any new build, especially custom homes!
Alex M.
By allowing us to literally put-up faux walls, place furniture, and walk a plan with our Clients, we have been better able to visualize what we are about to embark on when building new homes; this all while having a casual & collaborative space to discuss things. The savings in time & money to the Client are insurmountable and this is coming from a builder with 28+ years of experience.
Danny R.

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We’ve helped countless homeowners, contractors, and other professionals with floor plan visualization. Now you too can experience it for yourself.

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